La Plaza Arequipa - Hotel Boutique


La Plaza Arequipa Hotel Boutique is located in the heart of Arequipa, in its historical, commercial and financial center, opposite the main square "Plaza de Armas". In March 2014 a complete renovation of the hotel was concluded, giving the hotel a blend of modern and elegant yet classic style, which at all times reminds the guests of their location being colonial, impressive and proud Arequipa. The decoration and design of the hotel presents the visitors with architectural references to the old Arequipa and materials, such as cast iron and ashlar were chosen with special care as they form part of the essence of the city.

The hotel counts 10 exclusive rooms including simple rooms, double rooms and suites providing high quality, comfort and personalized service. The balcony, where the breakfast is served offers a breathtaking view of the Cathedral of Arequipa and its historic Plaza de Armas, from which the hotel takes its name.

We invite you to come and enjoy La Plaza Arequipa Plaza Hotel Boutique.